The Freedom Yacht Advantage


What makes an exceptional charter vacation?  Next to the company you keep, isn't it the boat?  Ideally one with an easily handled rig that provides relaxed, confident sailing.  One able to make swift, safe, comfortable passages in wide-ranging conditions.  One with quality construction and ample room above and below decks.


Freedoms score high on every count. 


The Rig: The hallmarks of Freedom’s approach to cruising are simplicity and effortless performance.  At the heart of this concept is Freedom’s renowned free standing, carbon fiber mast, significantly stronger and lighter than a comparable aluminum mast.  The lack of a back stay allows for a powerful, full battened mainsail with an impressive roach.  It is complemented by a self-tacking “camberspar” jib.  Every halyard and control line leads aft, enabling all sail functions to be performed from the safety of the cockpit.  The main lowers and stacks effortlessly on the boom venetian blind style owing to lazyjacks and the full length battens.


Tacking can be accomplished without ever touching a line.  A simple turn of the wheel is all that’s required; and since the boat can turn in one and a half boat lengths you will find yourself able to do things under sail you could only have imagined doing under power previously.  The message here is “crew assistance not required”.  You won’t have to disturb them while they’re stretched out on the wide, uncluttered decks, another benefit from not having shrouds and genoa gear to contend with. 


Nor will you need a gang of nimble deck apes to assist with putting up the spinnaker when sailing off the wind.  The spinnaker won’t be missed as its advantage is offset to a great extent by the boat’s ability to sail wing-and-wing with the “cambersapar” jib on one side and the powerful main on the other-- a procedure that is as simple and effortless to perform as tacking.  The absence of shrouds allows the main to be set well forward en-hancing performance.                                                                                                                                      


In spite of their superior strength, carbon spars are bendy.  The mast’s natural tendency to fall off to leeward when the wind pipes up permits the boat to sail on its lines long after it would be prudent to reef a conventional boat.  When it does become necessary, reefing can be accomplished by one person from the safety of the cockpit in about 60 seconds.

Construction, Accommodations and Comfort:  The cabins are bright and airy with lots of opening ports and deck hatches for ventilation.  The open feeling is enhanced by a drop-leaf table which folds up against the bulkhead when not needed, and the fact the mast does not intrude in the main salon.  There is uncommonly generous storage space throughout.  An inviting swim platform facilitates convenient boarding from the dinghy, sunbathing and swimming, and it enhances safety.


Those used to typical production sailboats will appreciate the solid, quiet, reassuring feel that Freedoms impart going through the water.  Credit the boat’s design from the pen of renowned naval architect, Garry Mull, and a balsa cored hull and deck. This costly method of construction not only produces a boat that is strong, light and rigid; it also absorbs sound, and all but eliminates interior dampness and condensation.



Practical Sailor when reviewing Freedoms had this to say:


“Probably the most distinctive thing you’ll be getting in a Freedom is the ease of handling.  We can’t imagine how you could get a [boat] that sails [as] well and makes it any easier to handle.  A lot of the joy of sailing is making the wind work for you, and the Freedom gives you more in return for your labor than any other boat we’ve sailed.”

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